iSim Personal Edition (iSim:PE) speeds the design cycle and reduces risk early in any project, identifying parts that can be used in current as well as next-generation designs. The easy-to-use tool quickly and reliably selects devices to support increasing power densities, wide input-voltage and temperature ranges, maximum efficiency, fast transient response and other vital specifications. Simulated designs are displayed in an online schematic and can be verified immediately. After verification, iSim generates a BOM and a comprehensive design report. iSim:PE resides on a local PC ready for use either online or offline.


  • Quickly search, review and select MOSFETS or diodes based on design requirements
  • Easily filter and sort from all available devices
  • Add jumpers to easily switch between different circuit configurations
  • Review efficiency graphs and power loss distribution across components


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iSim:PE User Guide 手冊 PDF 1.91 MB
應用指南 &白皮書
AN1915: ISL70003SEH iSim:PE Model 應用文檔 PDF 583 KB
AN1243: Getting Started with iSim and iSim:PE 應用文檔 PDF 436 KB
HIP2211 iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 52 KB
HIP2210 iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 83 KB
ISL70005SEH FPGA Bode iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 542 KB
ISL70005SEH FPGA Load Step iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 541 KB
ISL70005SEH DDR Tracking iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 553 KB
ISL70040SEH Steady State iSim Model 模型 SXSCH 104 KB
IS-1825ASRH iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 254 KB
ISL70321SEH Standard Simulation for iSim:PE 模型 SXSCH 220 KB
ISL70321SEH Fault Test Simulation for iSim:PE 模型 SXSCH 231 KB
ISL70321SEH Cascade Simulation for iSim:PE 模型 SXSCH 296 KB
ISL70002SEH iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 308 KB
ISL70002SEH Current Share iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 322 KB
ISL28025FI60Z 60v DPM iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 98 KB
ISL28025FI12Z 12v DPM iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 97 KB
ISL28023FR60Z 60v DPM iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 105 KB
ISL28023FR12Z 12v DPM iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 105 KB
ISL28022 iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 56 KB
ISL7884xASRH Flyback Application iSim:PE Model 模型 SXSCH 161 KB
iSim:PE Software v8.2 軟件 EXE 117.16 MB


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iSim Design & Simulation Tool (Online Version) (已停止發行) Simulator iSim is an easy-to-use, interactive power management and op amp design tool that allows you to quickly select supporting components, build your schematic and validate your design. Renesas