Our power modules are complete DC/DC power solutions that reduce design time, lower cost and save board space. With a small form factor, high power efficiency and robust features such as digital control, current sharing and cascading up to six modules for high output power, these modules get you to market faster.


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Simple Digital Power Module White Paper English, 日本語 白皮書 PDF 266 KB
Designing High Current and High Power Density POL Converter Applications with Digital Power Modules 白皮書 PDF 1.29 MB
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Carrying the Heat Away from Power Module PCB Designs English 白皮書 PDF 636 KB
Power Modules Win, but Choose Wisely 白皮書 PDF 894 KB
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Powering your FPGA Applications 白皮書 PDF 1.70 MB
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Power Module Board Level Reliability Report Others PDF 187 KB