Renesas introduces the Easy-To-Start online portal with the technical support for Automotive Microcontrollers. The portal helps to accelerate customer’s rapid prototyping projects and allows a quicker time-to-market.

By Adam Korbel, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2020-12

We would like to introduce “Winning Combination”, a solution that accelerates your ECU design and development.

By Manabu Miyamoto, Director -- 2020-12

Carol walks us through a voice recognition and smart control solution based on the Renesas ultra-low power RA6M1 microcontroller family and a variety of other Renesas products.

By Carol Ng , Senior Business Development Manager -- 2020-12

2020年12月4日,由專業電子科技媒體“電子發燒友”舉辦的2020年度中國 IoT 大會圓滿落幕,同期舉辦的2020年第五屆中國IoT創新獎頒獎典禮上,瑞薩電子SOTB制程工藝憑借其創新工藝及卓越表現在眾多優秀的候選產品中脫穎而出,榮獲2020年度IoT技術創新獎。

By 王乾, 經理, 銷售及技術支持部 -- 2020-12


By Yoshihiko Awazu, Engineer -- 2020-12

Functional safety is a key topic in the automotive industry. This Blog is the first one of a series to inform about the various Renesas functional safety activities and how Renesas supports its automotive customers in achieving functional safety compliance using Renesas products.

By Joerg Koch, Senior manager -- 2020-12

Read on the interview with Rinnai to find out what triggered them to develop the Good Design Award winning domino-type gas built-in stove; the challenges they faced and how they resolved it all. Also, learn more about the reasons that they chose the RX130 Capacitance Touch for their design.

By Hisayo Yamagata, Principal Specialist -- 2020-12

Do you know a product called "PMIC"? (power management IC) You can accelerate your project by using an appropriate the PMIC for a microcontroller in the system.

By Daichi Kobayashi, Application Engineer -- 2020-12

Debra explains how the integration of a hydrophobic membrane in Renesas’ indoor air quality (IAQ) sensor protects the sensor from harsh environments in a number of applications.

By Debra Deininger, Director of Industrial Sensing -- 2020-12

As vehicle electronics evolve into data-driven computational machines, a strong demand emerges for increased communication throughput and bandwidth. The addition of vehicle connectivity exposes these systems to increased cyber risks, which has created a strong market requirement for security in support of the various communication protocols. While HSM’s and crypto co-processors have gained wide popularity in embedded systems, the sharp rise in the quantity of data needed to support the features of modern automobiles is pushing systems beyond their limits. In this blog, we will explore challenges of increased data bandwidth and throughput in vehicle systems, and the burden placed on the chip resources by data security measures.

By Ahmad Nasser, Security Architect -- 2020-12